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About the song – Har Funn Maula

“Har Funn Maula lyrics” is from Koi jane na movie. This song is sung by Vishal Dadlani, Zara Khan. lyrics of this song is written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and the music is given by Tanishk Bagchi. This song also has a music label of T-series. this song is starring Aamir Khan and Elli Avram.

SongHar Funn Maula
MovieKoi jane na
Singervishal Dadlani, Zara Khan
LyricistAmitabh Bhattacharya
MusicTanishk bagchi
Music labelT-Series
StarringAamir khan and Elli Avrram
Song Credits

Har Funn Maula lyrics

Hadson Ke Is Shahar Mei
Aaj Koi Aayega
Khol Dega Raaz Ya Phir
Raaz Khud Ban Jayega

Raat Ki Aagosh Mei Ye
Raaz Rehne Dijiye
Kijiyega Kal Khulasa
Aaj Rehne Dijiye

Hai Koyi Parwana Yahan
Jo Jaan Pe Apni Khelega
Aashiqui Mei Hoke Fanna
Baahon Mei Shama Ko Le Lega

Itni Haseeno Pe
Kitni Dafa Ye Dola
Phir Bhi Fakeero Ka
Pehne Hue Hai Chola

Itar Ki Sheeshi Hai
Jahan Bhi Khul Jaaye
Hawa Mei Ghool Jaaye
Dil Jogi Da Har Funn Maula

Aaye Toh Kayi Karne Idhar
Dil-E-Bekarar Ki Dawa
Shab Se Shehar Hote Hi Magar
Baari Baari Saare Ho Gaye Hawa

Shab Ke Andhere Mei
Jannat Dikhane Wala
Mai Toh Sawere Bhi
Dil Na Dukhane Wala

Ye Meri Baahon Mei
Raat Jo Guzre Wo
Umar Bhar Jaisi Hai
Dil Jogi Da Har Funn Maula

Har Funn Maula

Har Funn Maula lyrics in hindi

हादसों के इस शहर में
आज कोई आयेगा
खोल देगा राज़ या फ़िर
राज़ खुद बन जायेगा

रात की आग़ोश में ये
राज़ रहने दीजिए
कीजियेगा कल ख़ुलासा
आज रहने दीजिए

है कोई परवाना यहां
जो जान पे अपनी खेलेगा
आशिक़ी में होके फ़ना
बाहों में शमां को ले लेगा

कितनी हसीनों पे कितनी दफ़ा ये डोला
फ़िर भी फ़कीरों का पहने हुए है चोला

इतर की शीशी ये जहां भी खुल जाए
हवा में घुल जाए
दिल जोगी दा हर फन मौला

आये तो कई करने इधर
दिल-ए-बेकरार की दवा
शब से शहर होते ही मगर
बारी बारी सारे हो गए हवा

शब के अंधेरे में जन्नत दिखाने वाला
मैं तो सवेरे भी दिल ना दुखाने वाला

के मेरी बाहों में रात जो गुज़रे वो
उम्र भर जैसी है
दिल जोगी दा हर फन मौला

हर फन मौला

Har Funn Maula lyrics
Har Funn Maula lyrics

Har Funn Maula lyrics – English translation

To this city of casualties, somebody’s about to come today.
Is he going to open up the secrets or become a secret himself?
Let this secret stay safe in the embrace of the night.
Please, reveal it out tomorrow, and leave it for now.

There’s a lover here, and he’s going to risk his life.
He would lose himself in love and embrace the flame in his arms.
He’s fallen for many beautiful women,
but he’s still dressed like the saints.

He’s like a bottle of perfume, and wherever it is opened, it spreads in the air.
The heart of the devotee is the Master of the Arts.
Master of the Arts.

Many have come here to get a cure for their restless heart.
From night to morning, they were all gone.
I am the one who could show you the heavens in the night.
I don’t even intend to hurt anyone’s heart during the day.

A night spent in my arms is like a lifetime.
The heart of the saint is the master of the arts.
Master of the Arts.

About the movie – Koi jane na

Yet to release on 26 March 2021

About the singers –

  • Vishal Dadlani – Vishal Dadlani (born 28 June 1973) is an Indian singer, songwriter, and music composer. Dadlani was born and raised in a Sindhi Hindu family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He went to Hill Grange High School in Mumbai and later studied at Jai Hind College for two years (1989–90), after which he went to HR College of Commerce and Economics. He received his bachelor’s degree in commerce in 1994.
  • Zara Khan – Zara Khan (formerly known as Sasha Aga Khan) is an Indian actress and singer, who has appeared in Hindi films. Born into the Aga-Khan family, she made her Bollywood debut with the 2013 film Aurangzeb. See full details on – Click here

About the lyricist -Amitabh Bhattacharya

Amitabh Bhattacharya is an Indian lyricist and playback singer of Bengali origin from Uttar Pradesh who works in Bollywood films. He made the film Dev. D. Turned the song “Emotional Atachar” into a hit to fame. He sang the song “Band Master Rangeela and Rasila”. He lent his voice for this song with Amit Trivedi. He has been writing songs for many Bollywood films continuously since then and has sung a few of them. Bhattacharya has maintained a close relationship with Amit Trivedi since his debut film Aamir. He has since written or sung songs for most of the film albums he has written. His songs are variously described as “frill-free” and “smartly worded”. See full details on – Click here

About the Music producer- Tanishk bagchi

Tanishq Bagchi (born 23 November) is an Indian music producer, music composer, singer, and lyricist. Bagicha was born to musicians Nandkumar Bagchi and Sharmistha Das from Kolkata, West Bengal. He attended Frank Anthony Public School and Scottish Church Collegiate School, Kolkata, West Bengal. See full details on – Click here

About the music label – T-series

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited is trading as T-Series, an Indian music record label and film production company founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1983.It is primarily known for its Bollywood music soundtrack and indie-pop music. See Full details on – Click here

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